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Adopt a cat

WELCOME to our Cats Gallery! Prospective owners are invited to visit the cats they are interested in. You can be reassured that all our cats have been checked by a vet as well as being neutered (if old enough), vaccinated and micro-chipped before going to new homes. 'Like' our Facebook for regular updates at www.facebook.com/cpelthamsidcup or follow us on Twitter. If you are interested in adopting a cat or kitten, please contact:
1. Our welfare officer Diane in Eltham on 07985 329525 or at diane.aloe@hotmail.co.uk
2. Our fosterer Pam in Blackheath at Pam@YourHappyCats.co.uk

Some of the cats in our care may not yet be on our website. If you are looking for a feline companion, please contact us on 07796 856 296