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Help to neuter your cat

30 October 2014
Help to neuter your cat TIMES are tough for many but there is help for pet owners to neuter their pets. This is the right thing to do for them and you so if your cat has not been done, it's never too late - please do it now.
The Celia Hammond Trust Animal Trust is offering low-cost neutering for male and female cats to owners on benefits or low incomes. For full details, click here then go to Veterinary Clinics on the menu and then Neutering Information.
The RSPCA in this area is offering FREE neutering for cats for those on benefits at the Easipetcare vet practice at 3-7 Hermitage Lane, Norbury, London SW16 3LH. To book an appointment please call: 0203 621 6114 between 8am–8pm Monday to Friday. Please mention the RSPCA London South East Branch and you need to bring a letter from the DWP, payslip or bank statement dated within the last three months.